SPCC Training


Did you know that all of your oil handling personnel are required to have ongoing training under the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule at 40 CFR part 112?

“Training of…. applicable pollution control laws, rules and regulations is specifically listed in Part 112.7(f)”

This would include:
  • Company and contract pumpers
  • Relief pumpers
  • Tank Truck drivers
  • Field hands
  • Anyone on location that access the facilities tanks and production equipment

Save Time and Money

It is also recommended that your designated person accountable for spill prevention have regular training in order to be familiar with the SPCC rules and regulations.

Save time and money by getting training online.
  • Personnel can train anytime, anywhere they have internet access.
  • No need to pull personnel away from field duties.
  • No additional time or cost due to driving to an offsite or even out of state training.

This module is designed to fulfill the annual training requirement on applicable pollution control laws, rules and regulations set forth in the SPCC rule, specifically related to federal SPCC guidelines for onshore non-transportation related facilities.

Upon completion of the module, each participant will receive a dated certificate of completion to document their training.