Ad Valorem Tax and Rendition Preparation

Ad Valorem Rendition Preparation

There are numerous services that allow you to plug in your data and print a rendition. At KLH, we personally prepare every rendition and review it for every possible option to reduce your tax obligations. We review the values the county prepares for no additional cost to make sure you are getting the lowest possible value.

With over 35 years of experience, KLH is qualified to negotiate and protest your rendition value from the county level to the Kansas State Board of Tax Appeals. We also prepare Ad Valorem taxes for other oil and gas producing states. Few firms can offer this level of experience and expertise.

Ad Valorem Rendition Protest

At KLH, we specialize in protesting the values the county has imposed on your oil and gas property.

We utilize over 35 years of experience to negotiate on your behalf with the county, small claims and the state Board of Tax Appeals. Even if you have already paid your first half, we can protest your tax obligation.

Let our experience lower your tax costs and increase your profitability.

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